Friday, 23 November 2007

FastIMF - version 0.4

Well here is the latest version of FastIMF with a few added features, these include:

Press Delete key to delete emails
Senders addresses are now shown in main list view
Select multiple emails for allowing

Still got a few more things planned/ideas. If you want to see anything in future versions, just let me know by adding a comment!

I'm hoping to make it look a bit more professional as well in future, to make it a more polished product (it doesn't look too pretty at the minute as I'm sure you are aware).

You can download it here: DOWNLOAD
If that doesn't work then try this: DOWNLOAD (alternative)

I have used a nicer host this time as well and will be using this every time providing nobody has problems :)



Anonymous said...

Will you be creating a version to work with Exchange 2007?

aurora said...


I will look into creating the option for an Exchange 2007 server. Unfortunately I do not have access to a server with it installed for me to look at, though I will attempt to install a virtual PC trial of it so I can add this feature in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback.

For now the only option I have added is that it will now highlight the top-most blocked email so that it will preview without you having to click (for speed sake).

I am also looking at the option to change the SCL level within the options and I am possibly thinking about adding the ability to import live/published whitelists from a trusted server you specify!

More options as you folks recommend them and/or I think of them!

Pedro said...

Hi Aurora,

I was trying to use youor program to add a whitelist domain to an Exchange 2003 Organization and i have a couple of questions, first do i need to install and keep the program running in each of the two Exchange servers of the organization?

Second on the Configure Directories option i can´t find my ICEARCHIVE directory on either of the servers.

Third the text and message folder should be an existent folder or can i create a new one.

Thank you in advance for your help.

aurora said...

The program needs to be kept running to process the messages. There could be a possibility of creating it as a service in the future and I will need to look into it.

I am not sure how your servers are set up where you are, but all incoming messages that are detected as spam by IMF should end up in a directory which is typically "\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\UCEArchive\". You will have this directory somewhere as it is required by IMF.

You will need to run the program on each server that processes incoming mail from the internet. If server 2 is LAN only, it will only need to run on server 1.

Text and message folder? I am unsure as to what you mean by this, sorry. Could you explain a little more? Do you mean the email and word lists? If so, you can create these manually and then type/browse for the directory.

Hope this helps! :)

Carlo said...

Excellent tool!!!!

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great job!!