Thursday, 25 October 2007

FastIMF - version 0.3

Well, version 0.3 has arrived and this version is greatly improved. Here are some of the features:

View email in web browser (HTML)
Multiple selection for deleting (faster to process the spam!)
Automatic folder detection (saves you trying to browse)
Search for text (looking for something? you can find it now!)




aurora said...

In the latest version, I have since added the ability to press the delete key to delete emails and senders email addresses are shown in the list for you to be able to quick identify spam.

Niklas U said...


Great app, thanks alot!


aurora said...

Hi Niklas,

Thanks for the comment, I hope to get the newer version out fairly soon so keep checking back!

Niklas U said...

Will sure do.

Quick question, does the whitelist support wildcards in the form *

aurora said...

You sure can, just leave out the asterisk. For example:

will allow every address from that domain. I should be able to get the next version up before the end of the week, I've added a few things to make life easier.