Thursday, 3 January 2008

2008 is when it all happens

First of all I'd like to say Happy New Year and I hope that you all had a good christmas (if you celebrate it).

I have a slight update on the new program which we are coding but it's not a good one and I'll explain below. I am estimating that the first realistic release of this new product will be in March depending upon how development progresses. The delay is not because we are not working on it, we have actually been developing it near non-stop each evening since the last release of FastIMF and have already achieved a heck of a lot, believe me. The main reason is that I have made the decision to not release what we have now, but rather wait until it has a more 'complete' feel to it and at least some of the documentation done (this is mainly developer API documentation, it's still easy to use as a regular user). This is so that it doesn't scare new users by giving the product a bad 'first impression'.

We have our domain all registered but we have the website to code which will be very database driven and will allow you to request features, place support issues and much much more. You know that box or software that you pay £1000's for, just for detecting spam email? Get ready to throw it in the bin. :)

Although it's starting to sound bloated and full of features you may not use, this was one thing I didn't want. A program that's 500mb will be painful for everyone so I will confirm that so far it is around 500kb (yes, not even 1mb!).

I will keep you all updated every few weeks with another post here. Again, I can only thank you all for your patience and assure you that it will be more than worth the wait.

It would be nice to hear from some of you, even if it's just to say how your christmas and new year celebrations went so please post a comment!