Tuesday, 23 October 2007

FastIMF - version 0.2

After testing my first post of FastIMF (v 0.1) I had found a bunch of problems plus I wanted to add some core features for a better release, I mainly wanted to gain interest with my initial post. This version is still by no means a polished version and I will again say that it *should* work and that I have been running the software for the past 24 hours without problems.

In this version, I have added the ability to browse the emails that have been blocked by IMF, read the content and then are able to unblock, delete or add the sender to whitelist with a simple click.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please leave a comment. I am currently planning for the program to be able to download a "blacklist" of approved offensive words from an updated internet source that you specify and I want to redesign the GUI to make it look pretty (I originally made the program for myself so I didn't care how it looked). Hopefully someone out there may have a good idea for a feature...

Here is version 0.2: DOWNLOAD HERE

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