Wednesday, 28 March 2007


I have been meaning to create a blog for a long time and I have finally got around to it. I will mainly be talking about Web development, programming, cars and my personal life. Hopefully you will all find something useful here and if you have any questions regarding any code posted here, please leave a comment and I shall try my best to answer.

In the programming posts I will mainly be covering VB (Visual Basic)/ASP/ASP.NET/MySQL, I may also have a few posts about Swyx (VOIP) and its SDK but this is undecided yet. I will also be covering aspects of all modern MS Windows versions relating to domains and registry etc...

I know there are probably hundreds of these about and what should make mine so special? Well in all honesty I don't know, other than the code I post here may help you or I try and help you resolve any issues. If nobody posts any comments here then I guess I will just use it as a personal reference but I hope you all start to contribute here.


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